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Using Rekenreks

The rekenrek was designed by Adrian Treffers, a researcher at the Freudenthal Institute in Holland. It supports the natural mathematical development of children, providing a visual model of number relationships.

The rekenrek features two rows of beads, each broken into two sets of five. Like ten frames, this tool helps students see the quantity of five as a whole and develop strategies to solve equations.

A comprehensive guide on using the rekenrek can be found at:

Although rekenreks are not terribly expensive (about $6.95 apiece) and are readily available from educational supply companies, there are homemade options. One example can be found at:

Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had

Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had, Ideas and Strategies From Vibrant Classrooms, by Tracy Johnston Zager. To borrow it, please contact Vanessa at Local 7650 or Karen at Local 7651.

A study guide and companion website can be accessed at:

“While mathematicians describe mathematics as playful, beautiful, creative, and captivating, many students describe math class as boring, stressful, useless, and humiliating. In Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had, Tracy Zager helps teachers close this gap by making math class more like mathematics.”

This resource is suitable for teachers of all grades.